Touring Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

I’m finally starting in on my trip blogs, 2 months after my trip started!

On Sunday Oct 28 I attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom. It was not sold out. It was very crowded. The parties are no longer a time with low crowds — for those you’re better off attending an After Hours event. But, you can get a lot done in 8 hours. I vastly underestimated how much time you actually have with a party ticket.

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All about Disney After Hours (is it worth it?)

On our Walt Disney World trip in January 2018, we splurged on tickets to Disney After Hours at the Magic Kingdom. This is a $119 ticket that gets you into the Magic Kingdom for 3 hours after closing. Most rides are open, some character meets, and you get all you care to enjoy popcorn, bottled water/pop, and ice cream from the carts. Disney just announced there are more After Hours dates coming this summer. So the big question is… is it worth it?

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Disneyland for newbies

I got a unique opportunity in January to spend a very short time in Disneyland in the beautiful state of California. I went out to the OC for a multi-site youth conference (and it was AMAZING), and I couldn’t waste the opportunity to stay behind for a pit stop at Walt’s original park. I learned a lot in the 25 hours I was in the parks so I thought I’d share here for anyone else wanting to go to the west coast Disney!
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When to visit Walt Disney World

So, you want to go to Walt Disney World. That’s awesome! It is one of my favourite places on the planet to be. The first decision you have to make is when you would like to go. If your work or family commitments limit your options, I’ll start off by saying there is no wrong time to go to Disney World (as long as your expectations are realistic). For myself, I can pretty much go whenever I want, as long as it’s not Christmas Eve or Easter weekend (Pastor life, haha). So for me, I am very selective on when I will choose to go. And 3 main things play into my decision: crowd levels, price, and weather. Continue reading “When to visit Walt Disney World”


A few weeks ago I was having coffee with one of the kids coordinators at my church (this is happening a lot lately as I am super new!). She asked me how the move from Moncton NB to Toronto has been. I did the usual spiel… it’s a lot bigger, a lot busier, there’s so many apartments and very little sprawling green land. There’s a lot more people around, but I am liking the change to a faster pace.

She chuckled.

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If not you, who?

As a Kids Pastor, one of my deep passions is the discipleship of the next generation. I grew up going to church every single Sunday, as did many of my friends. What’s wild is that now at 31 years old, many of my peers who were with me at church and Youth Group are no longer attending church. I wonder if they were ever truly following Jesus to begin with. Why? Was my church that bad at discipleship? Not at all. I learned a lot at Sunday services, Friday night Youth Group and Thursday night Youth Bible Study. My friends did too. But what we did not have in common were the other 163 hours of our weeks.

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3 Reasons why Pokemon Go is AWESOME

Pokemon Go has finally come to Canada! After a week and a half of it being the biggest craze to hit the USA in 2016, Canadians finally have a turn. This video shows how much of a hit it has been in NYC (from my favorite vlogger).

What is it?

Pokemon Go is an alternate-reality (AR) game where you walk around a cartoon-version of your GPS map looking for Pokemon (the map matches the street you are on!). When a Pokemon appears, your phone’s camera turns on, and the Pokemon shows up in your real-life surroundings. You throw a poke ball at it on the screen, (hopefully) catch it, and you win! You caught the Pokemon! The more Pokemon you catch, the higher your score/level. I am only a level 3, but once you get to level 5 you get to play at gyms (public places where people congregate to practice) and you get to pick what team you want to be on (each team has different strengths and weaknesses). There are also poke stops where people gather to buy items (and maybe trade? or find more pokemon? I am not sure… I have not researched this, this is my own experience so far). Continue reading “3 Reasons why Pokemon Go is AWESOME”

Dealing with Discipline (in NextGen ministry)

Children’s ministry volunteers. We all need them, we never seem to have enough, and sometimes good ones we have leave. In follow up conversations I have discovered one of the reasons we’ve lost good volunteers is over discipline in the classroom. “The kids won’t listen.” “They’re out of control.” “There’s one that always distracts/picks on others and I don’t know what to do about it.” There’s no standard. There’s no line to draw. I think this is a huge oversight. Kids crave boundaries. They won’t behave within a boundary that they don’t know exists.

Discipline is not a bad thing! The word comes from the word “disciple”, and it means training that molds character, behaviour, and values. Hebrews 12 outlines Christian discipline; verse 11 says that “no discipline seems pleasant at the time… Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” So how do we do this well in ministry?

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Why Women Lead

I am very grateful that Crandall University has begun offering free public lectures this year. In January I attended “5 reasons why youth leave the church”, and this month I attended “why women don’t lead” presented by Dr. John Stackhouse. Given that I am a woman who leads, and it’s women’s history month, I figured I’d offer some reflections of my own.

I am a woman, and an ordained Pastor in the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. I am not getting in to the theology debate here. There is plenty of that already written. I grew up in a church where equality in leadership was normal. I also grew up in a home where leadership was based on the giftings of my parents, which I am so incredibly grateful for. Because of this, I didn’t even know it was an issue in the church until I went to seminary. I think my upbringing gave me the ability to work through the “discussion” as I completed my studies, and became the first female at my SFE placement to get a church license to minister. (Since then many more have — woohoo!). Continue reading “Why Women Lead”